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Konfigurationsdatei für den David Postman.

Nach der Installation hat die Datei folgenden Inhalt:

;David PostMan Initialization File. Refer manual for details.

;IP =
;  Default is 
;  Specifies the machine IP to use
;  The default setting means automatic IP detection
;  Use this setting only, if you run more than one IP on your David server
;Port = 25
;  Default is 25
;  Specifies the TCP port to listen on, for incoming SMTP connections
;  Do not change this setting

;MinResolvedIPs = 3
;  Default is 3
;  Defines how many SMTP forwarder Postman has to find at least

;WatchdogDelay = 55
;  Default is 55 seconds
;  Specifies the maximum time to wait for incoming data blocks

;SendThreadCount = 5
;  Default is 5 threads

;MinDiskSpace = 10
;  Default is 10 MB 
;  Specifies the minimum disk space (MB) required to receive mails.  
;  If the real value is lower than the value defined, no further  
;  mails will be accepted until more disk space is available.

;NoRecipientList = FALSE
;  Default = FALSE
;  If set to TRUE, no To and Cc information will be displayed 
;  in the SMTP Header of eMails sent.

;  Default = FALSE
;  Specifies which reply is to be given by PostMan to the EHLO/HELO SMTP command 
;  when sending eMails via a provider. When set to FALSE PostMan will return the 
;  local IP Address of the DvISE server. When set to TRUE PostMan will use the 
;  domain name entered as "SMTP Host Name" in the PostMan system configuration.

;  Default = 180
;  Specifies the number of subsequent SLS connection errors that will cause 
;  the Server Locator Services to be disabled. If the connection interval is
;  set to 1 minute the Server Locator Services will be disabled after at least 
;  three hours of unsuccessful connection attempts.

Damit die Änderungen der postman.ini übernommen werden, muss der Dienst einmal neu gestartet werden

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